Self portraits with and against gender
Self-portraits as a way to create multiple sites of identification in order not to build ourselves with gender only, or against gender only, but both with and against gender.

Self-portrait as gender, a multiple way-of-being which projects us outside ourselves.

Each image as a multiple site of identifying, a way not only to embody gender but also to disembody it.

Unit or net? Net of bodies and infrastructure that support each other’s, net of norms, net of representations.

But gender, whole of fractioned?
Inside or outside?

The cat of Schrödinger. Both alive and dead as a way to neutralize the duality itself by this multiple way-of-being. .
Self-portraits with and against gender.

I said both.

Self-portraits to transform our bodies into multiple sites of occupation. Self-portraits as a revolt.

Each image understood not as a reflection of ourselves but as a way to modify the notion itself of being a self.

Nature/culture, sex/gender... Where’s the cat of Schrödinger? Both alive and dead. Neither. A change of paradigm?

Self-portraits to occupy multiple sites. Finally! Self-portrait as a revolt against and with duality...

Self-portrait with and against gender...
Août 2019