Plastic Bodies in Resistance
Bodies are plastic, they are shapes and matter in motion, not just in space and time, but because bodies embody norms and gender, they also transform them. Bodies do not embody fixed essences.
They are not fixed, still, like rocks or concrete.
We are plastic bodies: malleable.

By changing our reality, by remodeling who we are, by changing our representations, our discourses about bodies, identities, norms and gender, by transforming and modifying our bodies, by inventing new ways to be, to stay, to dress, to move, to exchange, by creating new identities, we challenge reality.

We resist.

It is not only about giving us the chance to embody norms differently to destabilize them, it is also about giving us the chance to have another experience of the world. An experience rich of more possibilities, an experience where we can choose to embody something else. How about not being trapped in this representation of a ghostly and imaginary embodiment of norms, a gender we will never embody perfectly — a copy without original?

Plastic Bodies In Resistance is about all the bodies that refuse to stay fixed, still, and refuse to embody an imaginary essence prescribed by norms. Plastic bodies in resistance claim their right to rework themselves, to transform norms and gender by reworking their own matter. Let’s cherish our body as a chance to rework norms through our own matter, reclaiming the legitimacy for another reality: us.
Septembre 2019